Work Grids

Escape from the noise and business of downtown Central Business District and work at your own pace. Simply spend SGD 30 per person and you get a chance to work at Grids for the entire day.

Work@Grids Corporate Program

Looking for a place to allow your employees to work remotely?
Sign up for the Work@Grids corporate program,
Bulk purchase 20 sessions @ 600 SGD or 40 sessions @ 1100 SGD
1) Allow any of your colleagues to work@Grids just by presenting their company credentials
2) 10% off all regular items
3) Your colleague is only required to pay for consumption above 30 SGD
4) 20 sessions are valid for up to 60 days from purchase
Email :
Phone : +65 9665 4398

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Terms and Condition

Works @ grids is valid from Monday to Friday on and does not apply to weekends and public holidays.
Besides eating and drinking, keep your face mask on at all times.
Our self-service station will be closed for use, kindly approach our staff if you need anything.
Chope vouchers / deals are not applicable in work & grids payment.
Management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions.