Columbia Nariñó


Tablon De Gomez | Washed (200g)

Flavour notes: Dark Berries, Mandarin, Cacao, Figs & Honey

Producer: 20 Small farm producers in Tablon de Gomez, Nariñó

Process : Washed

Varietal: Castillo & Caturra

Altitude: 1,800 to 2,100 MASL

Score: 85+pts


The town of El Tablon is known for its “Mystical stone statues” from pre-columbian era and other archeological sites. Until recently, the region was affected by conflict from FARC activity. The region is known for the most exceptional microlot coffees and has potential to grow further with peace and stability returning to the region.


This Columbian is comprised of only 85+ points beans (Cupped and scored separately from each farm) and has beautiful aromas of dark cherry, mandarin like acidity, honey-like sweetness. We recommend it for both milk/black espresso, aeropress and filter!



Espresso 1:2.25

Filter: 1:16 (80-83 Deg C)

Aeropress: 1:15-20 (Depending on desired strength)

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