July 08, 2022

Oddly Sequential: Pantomime Cartoons by Sam Lay

By Grids Coffee
Oddly Sequential: Pantomime Cartoons by Sam Lay

15th July - 3rd August 2022

Oddly Sequential: Pantomime Cartoons by Sam Lay break open the routine, often dreary struggles of everyday life through the celebration of the imagination, the pursuit of creativity and the sheer thrill of escapism that exists in us all. Through the art of cartoon, Sam Lay opens up a new world to be a part of, built from humour, heroism and fantasy.

A versatile artist in the discipline of cartooning, Sam Lay uses the pantomime or silent cartoon to create images and narratives that are immediately accessible and universal, avoiding the barriers of language and letting the pictures do the talking. Oddly Sequential captures the artist’s diverse approaches in experimenting with the pantomime format – single panels, multi-panels, or short story sequences. A fantastical sense of tale-telling and punchy arrangements revel in observational humour and absurd situations.

Sam Lay’s narrative pen draws worlds where everyday people drift off into new realms to become interstellar adventurers, dragon slayers or humanitarian heroes. These imaginary flights provide an alternative to the melancholy conditions of regular work and home life. So too do Sam Lay’s slightly puzzling and uplifting visual gags in his smaller works where robots are adept at calligraphy, traffic lights take off into space, and vampires find they ought to be more discerning in their choice of victim.

Like the characters in his drawings looking out from their office windows for an exciting alternative, look into the window-like grids of Sam Lay’s cartoons for a sense of joy and escape!

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