April 22, 2022

Food For Thought by art.seize

By Grids Coffee
Food For Thought by art.seize

This art exhibition is organised by art.seize, the international collective of multidisciplinary artists based in Singapore.art.seize strives to be a collaborative and dialogue-driven community. With 2022 turning into our third year of dealing with the gripping effects of this global pandemic, the group would like to spark conversations on how we have all been coping—on how we have all found solace during moments of isolation, calm in bouts of anxiety or uncertainty, and creativity in the midst of idleness.

Food for Thought highlights how our artists have navigated the past pandemic-stricken period. We all have our simple joys and guilty pleasures, but is this something we are keen on sharing with others? What has best given you comfort or relief? What or who do you seek out? After being unable to move and gather as we would before, how have our personal spaces, behaviours transformed? What, truly, has been feeding and sustaining us? These are the questions we lay out on the table.

We invite you to partake. aneirin flynn - @aneirin | ANG HWEE CHIEH - @hchieh.a | AMANDA LAPUS SANTOS - @alapusantos_artARON B CASTRO - @aron.nonsense | BILLY SOH - @billysoh | DEWI ANDINI - @deywyanaELVIN JOHN VILLAR - @elvinjohnvillar | EUNICE LIM - @1ise.nuf | FOO HUI WEN - @huiwen.fooGRACE KIM - @gracekcreative | JACKY MAK - @jackyvsthewall | john mathis - @tatsumakerworksPAUL HUNTER - @hunter_fineart | PAYNK - @paynk | REI BARTLETT - @artistrei_SAM LAY - @oddlysequential.sl | TRINA COSTES-SIOJO - @trinacostesiojoVALVEE - @__valvee | YOLANDE LEONG - @oshvnsby @art.seizeour artists on instagramwww.artseize.comPage