About Us

Connecting The Dots Between People,
Health And Lifestyle.

We are a quaint cafe located in Chinatown.

At Grids & Circles, more is merrier and different is delightful. We enjoy bringing people together, and turning individual lifestyles into collective experiences. Eat and drink at our casual dining café, browse and shop at our lifestyle retail nook, and get creative and interactive at Flex, our community space.

There’s always something interesting happening at Flex, whether it’s a corporate event, private workshop, or lifestyle classes. You’re welcome to have fun on your own, bring a friend, or make a new one here. Choose to dine and do, see and shop, or laugh and learn with us. This is the space to live at your own pace.

ABout Us Grids & Circles

Grids & Circles

Our quaint cafe and flagship store. We serve locally roasted artisanal coffee & fresh seasonal premium tea direct from award-winning farms. We do in-house retail and wholesale under our labels Grids Coffee & Circles Tea respectively.

About Us Retail


Our retail section consist of locally curated craft from local artists and our very own artisanal food label. We make almost of our own sauces and condiments from scratch and are proud to offer these quality produce for you to take home!

About Us Art Gallery

Art Gallery

GC is please to present to you seasonal works by “Art Seize”, a local community of artist. Spot these paintings all around our dining area on the second floor. Scan individual QR codes to purchase direct. Support our local talents!

About Us Events Space

Events Space

Our 3rd floor loft is a flexible hub for creativity, gatherings and work. We cater to a wide range of activities such as seminars, workshops, company meetings, solemnization and more. If you need a great venue at a central location look no further!